Cultural Committee

Cultural Committee


Cultural committee of T. S. Misra College of Nursing, Lucknowhas arranged various cultural activities including fresher’s party, farewell party, annual gathering, etc. our student participate in various cultural related activities actively.


The main aim of the Cultural Committee is to build up the confidence of the students and encourage their talent and creativity.


  1. Motivate the students to participate in the cultural events
  2. Schedule and conduct the cultural events
  3. Costumes and other necessary things are arranged by the committee members
  4. Maintaining records of the cultural events and winner list

Committee Members

S. No. Position Name
1. Chair Person Dr. Sathiyapriya. J
2. Faculty representatives Mrs. Rashmi Singh
3. Member Ms. Pooja Sen
4. Member Ms. Neelima Pal
5. Students Representative Mr. Deepak Yadav
6. Students Representative Ms. Jyoti Patel

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