Examination Cell Committee

Examination Cell Committee


Examination Committee is a body which is authorized to conduct examinations and make policy decisions in regard to organizing and holding internal examinations, improving systems of examinations, moderations, etc. and also preparing a schedule of internal examinations and declaring the results.

The Examination Committee deals with all the matters in relation to examinations and hears the complaints received pertaining to any matter arising out of the conduct of examinations and decides the course of action.


To conduct internal assessment and external assess ment examination related work as per University notifications and ordinance.

Role and Responsibility

  1. The Exam Cell shall distribute the exam forms of the University to regular students (the fees for the same are collected as part of the college fees) and collect them back after having them duly filled in.
  2. The Examination Committee shall prepare relevant time tables for the College based on the examination time-table.
  3. The Examination Committee shall make the seating arrangement and display them on the concerned notice board. The Exam Committee shall prepare and display an overall supervision duty list as well as daily supervision duty list.
  4. The Exam Committee shall ensure that adequate stationery like answer sheets, drawing sheets, charts, graph papers, drawing boards, trays, threads, water jugs etc. are made available.
  5. The Exam Committee shall hold a pre-exam meeting to brief the members of faculty with regard to the examination procedures and the role and responsibilities of the report of the same shall be submitted to the Principal.
  6. The CE shall ensure that the evaluation and moderation process is completed on time within 10 days from the date of the last examination date.
  7. All the results (first year to final year) shall be displayed on the respective students notice boards.
  8. Preparation of smooth conduct of examinations, preparation of time-table schedules, invigilation duty chart, seat allotment in the examination halls etc.

Committee Members

S. No. Position Name
1. Chair Person Dr. Sathiyapriya. J
2. Coordinator Prof. Sathiyaseelan. G
3. Member Mr. Vishwaprakash. G
4. Member Mr. Prashant Singh
5. Member Mrs. Rashmi Singh
6. Member Mr. Ritesh Bahadur
7. Member Ms. Iksha Yadav

Signature of Principal