Hostel Committee

Hostel Committee


The Hostel Committee is constituted for the maintenance of discipline in the Boys/ Girls Hostel. Hostel and Mess committee is responsible for the smooth functioning of the hostel.


Students will be able to –

  1. To provide clean, safe and comfortable accommodation effectively and efficiently to the students.
  2. Devote adequate time to their studies and research.
  3. Learn to live together and strengthen their relations with mutual co operation and goodwill as they come from different part of the country.
  4. Utilize different facilities available to them.
  5. Participate in different co curricular activities and extracurricular activities
  6. Enjoy good quality food that keeps them fit and healthy.
  7. Maintain conductive atmosphere for study and interchange of thoughts and ideas.


Students will be able to –

  1. The hostel committee shall report to the higher authority regarding the effective functioning of Hostel
  2. The hostel committee shall take active interest in general welfare of the students residing in the hostel and assist the Wardens in maintaining the living standards.
  3. The hostel committee shall assist the Wardens in the timely allotment of the rooms, report any unauthorised use or misuse of hostel or guest rooms and bring to notice any untoward incidence occurring in the Hostel premises.
  4. The hostel committee shall supervise and ensure proper and limited use of electricity and water in the hostel premises.
  5. Hostel committee ensures the discipline in the hostel.


  1. Well-furnished room with beds, sleep well mattress, pillow,table, chair, cupboard etc also facilities for recreation and prayer .
  2. Sick room facility available for hostel students.
  3. The mess serves meals and evening snacks. The Mess Committee decides the menu for the week and is able to accommodate requests from students.
  4. The mess serves all types of food including The payment for mess is made at the beginning of every trimester along with the trimester fees.
  5. 24X7 canteen on the hospital campus also available.


  1. Students are advised to strictly maintain the daily routine of the hostel.
  2. Student should pay right honor to hostel in charge and respect staff.
  3. They should destroy any hostel assets. (Defaulters will be fined)
  4. Mobile or any other useless things are strictly prohibited.
  5. All hostellers should be present in dining hall after hearing bell of meals.
  6. All hostellers will switch off their lights at 10 pm as per the hostel routine.
  7. Monthly home pass allowed for the student.
  8. Weekly ones visiting hour provided for parents
  9. All students must follow the mess rules.

Committee Members

S. No. Position Name
1. Chair Person Dr. Sathiyapriya. J
2. Hostel Chief Warden Mr. Abhishek Chaudhary
3. Warden (Girls Hostel) Ms. Aneeta Sharma
4. Warden (Boya Hostel) Mr. Prashant Kumar Sonu
5. Students Representative Ms. Adhya Mishra
6. Students Representative Mr. Anirudh Mathur

Signature of Principal