Research Committee

Research Committee


Research is integral to the development of nursing science. Research study focusing on improvement of nursing care delivery and patient outcome. Quality improvement in nursing and nursing education is the focuses of research at T. S. Misra College of Nursing. Faculty and students are engaged in research activities in these areas. BSc nursing students undertake group projects in the 3rd year guided by faculty members.MSc Nursing students undertake mini projects in the 1st year and individual research dissertation in the 2nd year under the guidance of faculty members.

Areas of Research Include

  1. Preventive paediatrics, nursing care of children
  2. Promotive and preventive health care, life style diseases
  3. Mental health needs and problems of people across life span
  4. Reproductive and women’s health care
  5. Adult and geriatric nursing care.

Research Activities

S. No. Activities
1 Problem presentation
2 Synopsis presentation
3 Mini Project data collection
4 Synopsis final presentation
5 Tool presentation
6 Validation of tool and teaching nodule
7 Presenting the tool
8 Pilot study
9 Pilot study presentation
10 Main study data collection
11 Analysis presentation at departmental level
12 Main study presentation
13 Panel evaluation
14 Submission of thesis to the university

We have a research ethical committee at T. S. Misra Medical College & Hospital, Lucknow.


  1. To Sensitize, develop and promote research climate in the institution.
  2. To ensure and protect the right, safety and wellbeing of human subject involved in a research project.
  3. To improve the quality of research.
  4. To provide public assurance and protection.
  5. To develop expert nurse researchers, clinicians and team.
  6. To initiate and increase dissemination of activities and quality of research. (high index, Scopus, etc.)
  7. To increase extension activities


Research Promotion

  1. All the research proposals prepared by the staff or students shall be handed over to IRC for review before the action of the study.
  2. The proposal once accepted is issued a unique IRC number, thereafter sent for ethical clearance.
  3. The final report of sanctioned projects is compiled by the IRC.

Research culture

  1. Organize training programs to promote research growth in the form of Seminars/ workshops/conferences.
  2. Take up competitions as a part of promotion of research culture.
  3. Organize ongoing CNE on research proposal, writing research updates.
  4. Conduct need based training to staff/students both at Institutional and University level through CNE/ Workshops.

Resource mobilization for research

  1. Department projects are promoted by provision of facilities in terms of time, photocopies and clinical facilities.
  2. Facilitate use of library and clinical setting to the candidates with ethical clearance.

Research facilities

  1. Provisions for library facilities including e-journals are made available for all the staff and students including 24hrs Wi-Fi facility.
  2. The staff and students are permitted to use the well-equipped clinical and adopted Community centres of the Institution with written permission.

Committee Members

S. No. Position Name
1. Chair Person Dr. Sathiyapriya. J
2. Research Coordinator Prof. Sathiyaseelan. G
3. Member Mr. Vishwaprakash. G
4. Member Mrs. Vinojpriya. C
5. Member Mrs. Rashmi Singh
6. Statistician Mr. Amit Kumar Morya

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