SNA/ TNAI Committee

SNA/ TNAI Committee


The Student Nurses' Association, popularly known as SNA, is formed by the parent body known as TNAI (Trained Nurses Association of India.

A wide variety of activities are encouraged at all levels for the SNA members, keeping in view aims and objectives of the association. The diversity of activities is derived from the professional, social, cultural and recreational spheres to strengthen curricular and extracurricular activities of the student nurses.


The aim of the SNA is to provide programs representative of fundamental and current professional interest concerns to nursing students. Membership in SNA aids in the development of the whole person, including the professional role.


  1. To uphold the dignity and honour of the nursing profession.
  2. To promote participation in student community affairs.
  3. To involve the students in intercollegiate sports and cultural activities.
  4. To promote collaborative relationships with various health organizations.
  5. To bring out the talents and confidence of the students for the upliftment of self and society.
  6. To inculcate the value of spirit de corps.
  7. To develop leadership abilities among the students.
  8. To improve the students social contacts to enhance professional growth

Committee Members

S. No. Position Name
1. President Dr. Sathiyapriya. J
2. SNA Advisor Mrs. Vinojpriya. C
3. Mentor Mr. Prasanth Singh
4. Vice President Ms. Arpita Tripathi
5. Secretary Mr. Sachin Yadav
6. SNA Treasurer Ms. Pragati Yadav
7. Member Ms. Anushka Yadav
8. Member Ms. Shikha Maurya

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