Nursing Labs

1- Nursing Foundation Lab

This lab is well-equipped with 10 beds & set of all items needed for nursing procedure practice to provide comprehensive nursing care to clients admitted in the hospitals. Students will be given preliminary training in patient care at the college laboratory.

2- OBG Lab &Child Health Nursing (Pediatric) Lab

This Lab is equipped with maternity examination model, gynecological examination model, delivery model, charts & other equipment. Child Health nursing Lab is having models, charts & various play therapy materials, here students learn about all the nursing care skills essential for the care of the newborn, infants & children.

3- Nutrition Lab

Nutrition Lab is equipped & well furnished with utensils & nutritional charts. It is well ventilated, lighting & adequate water facilities. The students can assess the nutritional needs, caloric requirement of different age groups and during various disease conditions.

4- Community Health Nursing Lab

This lab ensures that the students learn home visiting bag technique & practice the community health nursing while providing family health care at the door step of the clients using modified home visiting kits

5- Advanced skill Lab

The aim of this Lab is to provide best practical knowledge in advance nursing procedures under the guidance of experts in subjects. We have BLS practice section to teach good quality CPR. And also we have ventilator, pulseoxy meter, multi para meter, syringe pump, crash cart and defibrillator.

6- Pre clinical Science Lab. (Bio-chemistry, Microbiology, Anatomy & Physiology)

It is well-equipped with models & specimens, all the bones, skeleton & subject related charts etc. The students are encouraged to use our Anatomy lab to learn Anatomy of bone & joints & other systems.

7- Computer Lab

We have well furnished, well ventilated and fully equipped computer laboratory with multimedia, internet facilities. Students are encouraged to utilize it to maximum.