Paramedical Labs

1- Exercise Therapy Lab

The Exercise Therapy Labis equipped with various modern exercise therapy equipment’s. These Equipment’s are used to demonstrate various techniques and methods of exercise therapy. The students learn and Practice these techniques of exercise therapy which they incorporate in patient’s examination & treatment planning during Physiotherapeutic treatment.

1- Electrotherapy Lab

The Electrotherapy lab is equipped with various electrotherapy modalities such as SWD, UVR, IRR, LASER, Ultrasound,IFT, TENSetc.Electrotherapy uses electrical energy to promote healing, repair tissue and reduce pain. These Modalities are utilized for demonstration purpose during practical exposure. The students learn practical application of these modalities to treat various ailments which they use while treating the patient.

3- Operation theatre Lab

In OT lab students will gain knowledge , holding responsibilities doing preparation and maintain the proper sterile field .Gain knowledge about anatomical structure of human body,surgical instruments & equipments used in OT .

4- MLT Lab

In MLT lab student learns how prepare specimens for analysis, use equipment to detect microorganisms, supervise tests and procedures, analyze chemical content of fluids, match blood for transfusions and test the level of the drug in the blood.