Research & Science Committee

Research & Science Committee


The Research & Science Committee of T. S. Misra College of Nursing, Lucknow strives for overall Researchs of the College.


The main aim of this committee is to improve the Research & Science.


  1. Encourage the students to maintain Research & Science life style and healthy environment.
  2. Helping the staff to update their Research & Science record.
  3. Checking cleanliness once in a week in all the students room
  4. Maintenance and updating of health record.
  5. Caring of students those who fell sick and inform to the College authority.

Committee Members

S. No. Position Name
1. Head Member Dr. Nityanand Upadhyay
2. Head Member Dr. Zia Abbas Naqvi PT
3. Head Member Mr. Prakash C Tiwari
4. Head Member Dr. Anshul Yadav PT
5. Head Member Mr. Akhilesh

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