Internal Quality Assurance Committee

Internal Quality Assurance Committee


Internal quality assurance committee is to provide specific guidelines regarding teaching, learning and assessment and ensuring that these are properly materialised. An effective monitoring system will serve as a sentinel in the upkeep and maintained of quality and is aimed at achieving excellence.


  1. To formulate a fair and objective System for the functioning of the Academic Monitoring Cell of the institution.
  2. To develop scientific criteria and strategies for its effective implementation
  3. Achieving professional/academic development of the students as well as their overall personality
  4. To plan the academic activity


  1. To provide specific guidelines regarding teaching, Learning process including assessment
  2. To ensure the quality of education.
  3. To make correct assessment in leaching learning process
  4. To plan the academic activity
  5. To receive the periodical reports


  1. Training
  2. Faculty development and student assessment
  3. Student welfare
  4. Institutional excellence

Committee Members

S. No. Position Name
1. Chair Person Dr. Sathiyapriya. J
2. Coordinator Prof. Sathiyaseelan. G
3. Member Dr. Nityanand Upadhyay
4. Member Mr. Vishwaprakash. G
5. Member Mrs. Vinojpriya. C
6. Member Mrs. Rashmi Singh

Signature of Principal