Sports Committee

Sports Committee


The Sports committee ofT. S. Misra College of Nursing, Lucknowarranges various Sports events annually and our students participates in various Sports events actively.


The main aim of the Sports Committee is to develop student’s personal skills and leadership quality.


  1. The sports committee is responsible for motivating the students to take part in sports.
  2. Maintaining the sports articles and First Aid Box.
  3. Helping the staff in-charge to conduct sports competitions successfully.
  4. Maintaining record of the Sports events and winners list.

Committee Members

S. No. Position Name
1. Chair Person Prof. Sathiyaseelan. G
2. Faculty representatives Mr. Prashant Singh
3. Member Mr. Mod Akib
4. Member Ms. Juhi Maurya
5. Students Representative Mr. Adarsh Kumar
6. Students Representative Ms. Deeksha Tiwari

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